Billions of People’s Dream Place- Madina


Any way this is going well Alhamdulillah, During holidays I got very precious chance to visit both holiest cities on earth Makkah and Madina, It is normal for every visitor of Makkah to visit afterward Madina as soon as possible. I also followed same routine,

After completing my first ever Umrah, I  visited Madina with moist eyes. Most of us was crying as our lifetime dream was completed. I always go to madina, I went to a many places in Medina

  • Masjid Al Nabwi (The Prophets Mosque)
  • Jannatul Baqi
  • Mount Uhad & Shuhda E Uhad Cemetery
  • Masjid E Qiblatin
  • Khandaq (Trench Site)
  • Al Madina Musium



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